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Snug as a Bug - Anytime. Anywhere.

Perfect sleeping bags for children on the go.

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Features of a SnugBug Snug

Fully machine washable

When it needs a wash, Snugs are fully washable.  Throw in the washing machine then hang on the line…. easy peasy!!!

Instructions are on the label.

Feels like home

Snug bugs take on that familiar home smell and feel, so for Mom and Dad’s convenience and peace of mind that their child’s sleep time comfort and health needs are met when their little one settles quickly into their own SnugBug.

Easy, Safe & Comfy

No zips mean your child can get in and out of their snug easily. Our snugs are also easy to carry, as they're made from lightweight cotton, and they provide a comfy away from home sleep experience, anywhere anytime.